Biagiotti Uomo
Biagiotti Uomo

MILAN, Jun 24, 2008 / FW/ — The fashion world would have not noticed, but, Bill Gates is actually retiring from IT this month, as the Microsoft co-founder steps down from his job at the software giant. So, it is interesting to note that Laura Biagiotti’s theme this season is the man in the network, as in high tech network.

Smart is the new sexy, with the line between nerds and the rest of the world was erased with the advent of the internet and the proliferation of computers and high tech devices. Laura Biagiotti is not alone among high profile designers to see this trend; what is amazing is that she is older than most of them but she is the savviest when it comes to understanding the effects of technology and incorporating them in her designs.

Her Spring / Summer 2009 menswear collection is a great example. With a ‘net’ as backdrop, Biagiotti played on the idea of a ‘conceptual web’ and sent double-breasted trench coats, shawl collared vests and bomber jackets with front zips on the runway, focusing on the high tech male.

Then, without missing a beat, she sent out knits, again playing on the ‘web’ concept but this time in something tangible as clothing.

Sorbet shades of blue that turned to gray and indigo, ocean tones if you really think about it; again a play on the word ‘web’ and ‘net’ because fishermen using ‘nets’ to catch fish.

Are the high tech workers the new working class hero? Or, are they as Laura Biagiotti sees them, the new fashion plates?