Buckler Spring 2009
Buckler Spring 2009

NEW YORK, Jul 26, 2008 / FW/ — Andrew Buckler got the word HOT!!! written all over it. Beginning with the pointy lace shoes that the New York-based designer made to look hotter than patent leather and modern and cowboy heel, I love it!

Buckler is so unapologetic when it comes to his shape and showing skin, but its always tastefully done. There wasn’t any discomfort or tightness that restrict the wearer from having fun. His tailoring from this collection is impeccable and the fit is just perfect.

Even with the market slowdown that pushes a lot of designers to skimp, Buckler never sacrificed quality and still proposes a product for the conscientious shopper. The asymmetrical detailing and fabric treatments like zippers on jackets offered a push for style.

Buckler also gave a new meaning to Hammer time with his low riding tight at the leg opening Hammer pants; it looked great with the 3/4 length tailored coat. Hooded knits with sleeves or not are also repeated in the show.

Slim shorts are for sure a hit and up close they are seamed to the max for that contouring effect. Monochromatic graphic T’s are to be seen and I love love love the white fencing jackets. I definitely want to snatch one of those black knight hooded sweater for myself.

Buckler’s color story is wonderful- white, soft pale gray, washed black, beautiful topaz and navy. His line up in the end was very strong and this show was a delight to watch!

Photos courtesy of Buckler