Velvet Hour by Kate Moss
Velvet Hour by Kate Moss

PARIS, Aug 29, 2008 / FW/ — When is the best time to launch a perfume if you are supermodel? During Fashion Week of course! The ‘Velvet Hour,’ a new fragrance from Kate Moss becomes available this September.

Described as “glamorous, sensual and slightly transgressive with a seductive aura as the evening approaches,” the Velvet Hour is an enigmatic woody floral with blue pepper, freesia and cashmere incense as top notes. Created by perfumer Emilie Copperman from Symrise, the Velvet Hour’s heart notes are patchouli and nutmeg while its base notes are sandalwood, amber and ebony wood.

“This scent conjures up that special moment when night time comes and envelops you in velvet. I really love that time, it’s very sexy and sensuous, full of longing and promise,” comments Kate Moss about her new fragrance.

Ultra-sophisticated, elegant, stylish and modern, the bottle is the reflection of Kate’s timeless, unique and intriguing glamour.

With ‘Velvet Hour’, Kate Moss commands a ritual of intense seduction, expressing sensual confidence and audacity.

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