Jose Miro Spring 2009
Jose Miro Spring 2009

MADRID, Dec 29, 2008 / FW/ — Flâneur, the term used by Baudelaire and other thinkers and analysts in culture, economy and history, is used as a reference to explain the urban phenomenon and modernity. Just like flâneur, fashion and its users are complementary concepts which are both continuously evolving.

Walkers with no fixed destination, contemplative, thoughtful women who stroll around enjoying the landscape offered by a city waiting to be discovered, walking with no set plan.

They walk for the very pleasure of walking, of discovering at each moment new directions with the chance that they might not see everything but with the capacity to fly with their imaginations as far as the unseeable. A sensorial, spiritual, educational walk.

This season’s aim: to create extremely comfortable, functional garments which are pleasant to touch as well as feminine, delicate and harmonious. Based on a cosmopolitan and multicultural spirit, taking it to the most up-to-date and avant-garde side through organic and regenerated cottons, milk fibre, silks, linens and raffias which will afford freshness and sensitivity. The aim of all of them is strict sustainability.

Race, roots, the earth and the sun form the basis for the colour palette: ochres, blues, sands, stones, shades which convey comfort and sophistication.

A delicate, relaxed image which invites you to dream, but for a strong, adventurous, daring woman because wealth stems from diversity.

A graduate of the College of Art and Fashion Techniques (ESDI), Barcelona (1996), Jose Miro was already a fashion assistant at Devota & Lomba in Madrid from 1994 – 1996. After graduation, he worked as a pattern designer and haute couture assistant at Thierry Mugler until 1999. Spending a year at Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada (2000), he launched his eponymous year in March 2001.

Debuting on the Barcelona catwalk in Sep 2001, he continued to unveil his collections at Barcelona Fashion Week until March 2003. In September 2003, he moved his show to Madrid at the Cibeles Fashion Show wherein he was named L’Oréal Paris Cibeles Best New Designer’s Collection Award.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

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