1000m Goggle Jacket Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation
1000m Goggle Jacket Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation

MILAN, May 8, 2009 / FW/ — C.P. Company’s iconic Goggle Jacket since its first edition has been defined by technological advances as much as function and car racing celebrates its 20 years with an exhibition entitled 1000m Goggle Jacket: Past & Future

With the very first jacket exclusively designed by Massimo Osti for the participants in the Millie Miglia race of 1988, personalized with the unmistakable red arrow of the 1000 Miglia® logo, its design features from the very beginning embodied the notions of functionality and innovation.

Massimo Osti’s iconic design was part of C.P. Company’s sponsorship involvement in the 1988 edition of the iconic Mille Miglia (One Thousand Miles) Italian open road endurance race; this is why it is often called ‘Mille Miglia’ jacket.

The Mille Miglia race, since the first edition in 1927, traditionally consisted of some of the most beautiful and fastest road cars, most of which were typically roadsters. Hence, it’s only fitting that the new Fiat 500 Cabrio is a special guest of the exhibition.

For its 20th anniversary exhibition, C.P. Company collaborated with Aitor Throup who designed a new Millie Miglia jacket and also the exhibit’s curator, are taking the viewers through a visual narrative of how an iconic item such as the Goggle Jacket has been the subject of continuous transformations and experimentations season after season.

It is a story of materials, special treatments and shape research that is divided into three different parts: Past, Future and Experience.


Twenty Goggle Jackets revealing the evolution in the design, the notions of functionality and innovation of a garment that, born as a driving jacket, has become the symbol of C.P. Company. The very first jacket, exclusively designed by Massimo Osti is shown.

The research for the functional details that have characterized the Goggle Jackets ever since: the hood with incorporated goggles, and the porthole placed on the left wrist to check the chronometer/watch.

Then a selection of Goggle Jackets, from 1989 until 2009, a illustration of C.P. Company approach to the material and its manipulation through garment-dyeing and double dyeing techniques, coatings and special treatments.


1000m Goggle Jacket, an innovative special edition redesigned and re-interpreted by Aitor Throup, young creative talent praised worldwide, to celebrate the Goggle Jacket’s twentieth year.

Aitor Throup has analyzed all the original elements of the first Goggle Jacket and has looked deep into the aspects of postural anatomy. Going beyond the aesthetical functional approach, he has created a garment even more focused on the concept of driving.

Four big wooden boxes expose four sculptures simulating the movements of the human body from the standard standing position to the more complex driving position, and they show the deep survey of details built to guarantee ergonomics and functionality study to favor drivers’ gestures.


The possibility of trying, analyzing and touching; an extraordinary combination; the Fiat 500C, the new convertible version of Fiat 500, will be the special guest of the exhibition, in order to let visitors try the ergonomic features of the “1000m Goggle Jacket” by Aitor Throup.

A special linkage between different chapters of Made in Italy, cult objects both re-designed and re engineered to be part of the future.

1000m Goggle Jacket Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation
1000m Goggle Jacket Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation

01. GORE-SEAM® waterproof thermo-taping.
02. New ergonomic shape detachable hood and goggles.
03. New round shape goggles.
04. 3 layer GORE-TEX® PERFORMANCE SHELL fabric.
05. Ergonomic driving shoulder construction.
06. E rgonomic elbow articulation.
07. New waterproof chest pocket construction.
08. New ergonomic watch viewer placement.
09. Driving gloves attach to jacket.
10. Internal hidden zipped pockets exposed when driving.
11. Transforming articulated driving flap/leg cover.
12. Waterproofed traditional shape front pockets.
13. Detachable driving pouch with two compartments.
14. Adjustable cuffs can be zipped up.