Graffiti Anaconda by Sergio Rossi PUMA
Graffiti Anaconda by Sergio Rossi PUMA

MILAN, Jun 22, 2009 / FW/ — Sergio Rossi and PUMA, two very different brands, together as never before define new standards on sportive shoes as they project the design towards the future by looking backwards in time.

For the second season, PUMA and Sergio Rossi collaborate to bring to life a new trendy sneaker, the Graffiti Anaconda.

Following the spirit of the 1980s style and Graffiti Street Art – (think about old school design revisited in a contemporary way) – PUMA brings a passion for the sport while Italian luxury brand Sergio Rossi adds its unmistakable allure.

The result, a pair of shoes that redefined the boundaries of streetwear while re-interpreting the mythical PUMA Clyde sneaker, the signature shoes of basketball legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier, which was launched in 1973.

Proposed in a sensational range of colors that recall the bold and evocative tone of three decades ago when a New York graffiti first appeared, the shoe is aptly named “Graffiti Anaconda”, a leather sneaker printed with snakeskin graphics in black and white.