MONTREAL, Mar 19, 2010 / FW/ — To video game lovers, Marie Saint Pierre was the designer who dressed Lara Croft in one of her incarnations; to young girls, Marie Saint Pierre dresses the Bratz dolls and to Montrealers, she is a hometown girl who grew up to be famous.


A member of La Salle College’s Class of 1986, Marie Saint Pierre received two grants from the Montreal Fashion Group upon graduation. A year later, she established her eponymous label and the company that will bear her name.

And from there on, she had gone from strength to strength as she received recognition for her work at home and abroad. Two decades later, Marie Saint Pierre is one the most successful designers in Montreal, her collections being sold in Canada, in the U.S., the Middle East and Japan.

And the secret of her success… the designer summed it up in a short sentence, “My job is to dress women.”

To Marie Saint Pierre, clothes are ageless. Yes, you heard it right, AGELESS, which means that women from all ages can wear it; mothers and daughters can borrow from each other’s wardrobes… and for sisters, let’s just say no closet is safe from “borrowing.”

“I see women making intelligent choices when they dress,” said Marie Saint Pierre during a recent visit at her atelier in Montreal. “Clothes should fit the woman, not the woman trying to fit into clothes.”

A very straightforward design philosophy that has become the lifeblood of Marie Saint Pierre Design and in some way, it has also helped shape the current fashion industry in Montreal.

Why did I say that? It’s because the Marie Saint Pierre label is not just Made in Canada, it’s actually MADE IN MONTREAL.


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