MADRID, Apr 5, 2010 / — With an Argentine father and Danish mother, Maya Carbajal Alex-Hansen, a graduate of the CSDMM (Advanced Fashion Design Centre of Madrid) is, along with a small production group, the heart and soul of the Maya Hansen label, founded in 2004 with its headquarters in Madrid and production at Spanish workshops.

After first starting out as a label with distribution in cities like Valencia, Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid, Maya Hansen specialized as a corset maker in 2006, focusing all of her collections around the corset.

Dedicating a large part of her time to researching the technique of corset making, Maya Hansen has collected antique patterns, studies materials and fabrics and is devoted to improving and innovating on the basis of corsets from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as creating new patterns for the women of the twenty-first century.

Using high-quality fabrics and applications from around the world, Maya Hansen treats the corset as a unique, in many case unrepeatable piece produced with painstaking care and in small productions, the most notable features of which are the product’s quality and exclusivity.

Today she sells her corsets at specialist corset shops around the world, in countries like the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, the United States, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Japan. Since 2008, she has taken part in and exhibited at the most important corset makers fairs in the United Kingdom.

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