MADRID, Oct 23, 2010 / — Entitled “Flower, Shell and Girls,” the American Perez Spring 2011 was inspired by a necklace of sea shells that look like flowers.

An antique necklace that appears to have come from another world. A jewel that seems fragile like a flower but is hard like a clam.

Girls are like that; as delicate as flowers and as hard as clams. They travel to far-off lands without having to leave their rooms. Only something that seems like something else is enough for them.

Luxury casual wear revamped for a boat ride, cocktail dresses and loose garments for day trips, wide, sheer tunics for summer evenings.

A combination ranging from classic colours such as cream and cherry with coral and turquoise to the colourist universe of women such as Iris Apfel or the paintings of Georgia O´Keefe. Details in pastel shades, black, aubergine, emerald and orange combined with animal prints.

Spot chic, 70s, tunics, Halstonettes, sarongs, kaftans, beach wear…

A combination of gauzes, silk crepe, cool wool, silk knit, organza and leather.

A study of prints in motion; pleats combined with printed fringes, modelling, accessories applied using natural materials and a combination of plastic and crystal.

Tiki, 70s, girlie, eccentric.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Madrid Fashion Week Spring 2011