MILAN, Nov 8, 2010 / — Moschino has designed the Aironi rugby team’s new official suits. This is a pioneering partnership because it is the first time that an international fashion brand has dressed a rugby team.

Aironi Rugby is one of two Italian teams that have started playing in the Magners League championship this season against teams from Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. It is also vying for the Heineken Cup, the most important continental competition that gathers top rugby teams competing for the European title. Many Aironi athletes also play on Italy’s national team, and some are considered the stars of tomorrow in Italian rugby.

The Moschino suits were designed taking into account the physicality of the players, whose brawny bodies play an important role in the game. Moschino’s aesthetic challenge focused on designing a sartorial suit made from traditional British fabrics.

Embroidered inside the jacket is a heart, which is one of Moschino’s symbols and also represents the players’ passion for the game. It also symbolizes values that Moschino and Aironi share such as loyalty and team spirit. The official suit is completed by a white shirt which has a red heart embroidered on the pocket, a regimental tie with the Aironi emblem on the stripes, classic Oxford shoes, and a black belt with the Moschino logo.

Franco Tonni, Aironi General Manager, said, “Rugby is a sport that everyone can play, but it requires a ‘unique’ mentality. The Aironi team chose Moschino precisely for this uniqueness, because with Moschino, you are never confused with others.”

Rossella Jardini, Moschino Creative Director, replied, “I’m proud that a rugby team –- one of the few sports where athletic training and fair sportsmanship surpass a need for power and showing off – chose Moschino to represent them around the globe.”