MONTREAL, Dec 14, 2010 

“Blown Away
An exploration in: Airborne Military Chic
Urban Nomadic Minimalism
Lightness, movement and Wind.” 

Mulcair, SS 2011 lookbook

The description above translates exactly the feeling we have when looking at the spring-summer collection of Mulcair. It’s young, urban and minimalist, but in a complete different way than the preceding collection.

Blown Away presents more interesting details than the last collection: pockets and silver rings are used with moderation to embellish the garments, but are still giving the minimalist touch Juliana is known for. Colors used this time are brighter, like coral and violet, and pop with the neutrals. We also find an interesting game of asymmetrical lengths. By mixing long and short lengths together, Juliana tones down the austerity of some pieces and brings freshness to her collection.

We feel a nonchalant sexiness transcending from each piece; everything seems uncalculated, floating in the air but fitting perfectly. By using light weighted fabrics, Juliana gave movement to her garments. At the same times we find really structured pieces inspired by her military influence, like in the tailoring of her vest or jackets.
Juliana is giving more of herself in her designs, and gets more intimate by bringing us in her creative world. That’s a really inspiring thing, because such generosity brings an important thing to a label: soul.

It’s a good start for the future.

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Pictures courtesy of Mulcair