PARIS, Jun 23, 2011/ – Known for its lavish and theatrical designs, the Lacroix brand has always been unique.  This season, led by Sacha Walckhoff, who was Lacroix’s assistant for nearly two decades, the brand brought us the much-anticipated menswear collection.  When the brand relaunched last year, Walkhoff decided that a first step into menswear was the best route to take.

The show, set in the namesake’s flagship Saint Germain boutique, was humble and minimal, letting the clothes do all the talking.  The boutique, currently undergoing renovations, gave a rustic background to the sophisticated and tailored pieces.  Focusing on traditional techniques and the work of true artisans, the collection featured tailored suits, sporty jackets, simple tops and cropped trousers.  There was even a little Lacroix flair with crystal embellishments adorning various denim pieces.

In regards to whether or not it was ‘too early’ to have a runway show for the newly resuscitated brand, Walckhoff said , “It’s a crazy I know, but it felt right, especially in this space,” and then divulged, “The past is the past. This is simply a new chapter beginning.”


Paris Menswear Spring 2012

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