TORONTO, OCTOBER 19th, 2011- True to herself Marie Saint Pierre knows how to reinvent herself season after season. Even though, she is using the same shapes and techniques, it still looked completely new. The whole collection looked luminous, light, just completely Marie Saint Pierre. She has this talent to bring emotions out of us, while just looking at her garments. Each piece of design exudes passion and speak by themelves. The only bad note was the presentation, which made it difficult to see all the silhouettes and appreciate it in this packed-crowded environment.

On a main palette of beige white and black, the signature colrs of Marie Saint Pierre, she used accent of red, neon green and yellow to complete her delicate, yet very strong collection. Very simple lines, that becomes an bstract theater of shapes and details.

Photo by George Pimentel, courtesy of LG Fashion Week

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