WASHINGTON, D.C., Oct 19, 2011/ — With more mobile applications for smartphones and tablets available now, consumers have jumped at the efficiency and convenience of these new shopping channels.

For the first time this year, NRF and BIGresearch polled consumers about their intentions to use smartphones and tablets to research and purchase holiday items.

According to the survey, half (52.6%) of those who own a smartphone said they will use their device to research products, redeem coupons, use apps to assist in their purchase, and purchase holiday gifts and items.

Specifically, nearly one-third (31.0%) say they will research products and/or compare prices, 14.1 percent will purchase products, 17.3 percent will redeem coupons and 15.6 percent will use apps to research or purchase items. One-quarter (25.1%) of smartphone owners will use their phone to look up a retailer’s information such as store hours and location.

Tablet owners are even more likely to use their device to aid in their holiday shopping – seven in 10 (70.5%) tablet owners will research and shop using their device. According to the survey, half (50.8%) of those with tablets will research products and/or compare prices, and more than one-third (34.8%) will actually make a purchase with their device. Tablet owners will also redeem coupons (21.5%), look up retailer information (33.8%) and use apps to research items or purchase products (21.0%).

When it comes to mobile shopping, young adults present the biggest opportunity for retailers. According to the survey, Americans aged 18-24 are the most likely to use their smartphones (72.2%) and tablets (86.4%) to shop for holiday items this year.

Men are also considerably more likely than women to use their smartphone and tablet device to shop for gifts. Two in 10 men (17.6%) and just 10.8 percent of women who own smartphones plan to purchase products, and four in 10 (38.5%) men with tablets and 31.3 percent of women with tablets will make purchases this holiday season.

For further insights about consumer spending and trends, stay tuned for more information about NRF’s Top 10 Holiday Trends media briefing, November 1 at 2 p.m., featuring NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay.

Photos courtesy of Apple

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