PARIS, Jan 31, 2012/ — Polish designer PLICH opened the “Paris without Fur” fashion show which was held on Thursday January 26th at the Hôtel Fouquet’s’Barrière.

The event was organized by One Heart Channel, the first solidary media outlet and eco-friendly web tv Neoplanète, The show took place at the last day of Paris Couture Fashion Week. The two organizations wanted to show the public opinion how animals are treated by the fur industry. PETA France supported this event.

The designer is a huge supporter of the anti-fur movement in the fashion industry. “I do support such actions! I myself do have animals. I cannot imagine why one can kill and then wear them. Beautiful fur + their sufferance = big money ?! Animals feel, they have instincts. Whether they are free or held in cages, they’re being killed in immense cruelty? Why? We have so many beautiful materials that are being produced, so why kill innocent animals?” says PLICH

The garments shown at the Hotel Fouquet’s Barriere is just a resort of the full summer 2012 collection. Light silk dresses decorated with small beads and sequins are the main theme of the upcoming collection.

Warm citrus colors are as serene and calm as the thought of the animals saved from the atrocious murder of the fur industry. The designer also presented warm, and beautiful black coats with light yellow embossing linings to show his idea of a perfect alternative to natural fur.

This is the first time that PLICH has shown his designs outside his native Poland.

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