NEW YORK, Feb. 25, 2013/ FW/ — Entitled ‘Winter Palace’, the Clover Canyon Fall 2013 collection pays homage to the Russian soul through inspirations drawn from the opulence of The Hermitage to Kazimir Malevich’s graphic Constructivism, as well as the unparalleled expressive grace of the Ballets Russes and the boundless Siberian plain.

"Clover Canyon Fall 2013"

The Clover Canyon exuberant collection for the Fall 2013 season serves the purpose of celebrating opulence and beauty, as well as the embroidered, illuminated autumn looks strongly express the Russian radical, maximal aesthetics and the excessive ideals of Russia, which include extreme luxury, extreme vastness, and extreme passion.

The embellished, richly detailed collection consists of lavish, luxuriously textured stand-out pieces including a crystal corset bustier and dress, Russian enamel and accordian faux fur reversible coats, a gold foil sweatshirt and swan dress, an orange jacquard pant, a white filigree shirt, a royal egg vase cape, and an embroidered neoprene dress and pant, which all serve to evoke a sense of Russian royalty, grace, and charm.

"Clover Canyon Fall 2013"

This Clover Canyon Fall 2013 collection expresses the aesthetic aspect that embellishment is no afterthought, and this bedazzled, stunning collection asks and answers that ever-so-Russian question, can there ever be too much beauty or love?

"Clover Canyon Fall 2013"


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 Photos by Darby Radcliff

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