NEW YORK, Apr 3, 2013/ — H&M and Vogue team up to bring sustainability and recycling to the fashion industry with a roundtable discussion topic of “GREEN, the Trending Color in Fashion”.

Slated at 10:00 AM Thursday, April 4th 2013 at Vogue Headquarters in New York, fashion industry leaders Helena Helmersson (Global Head of Sustainability, H&M), Catarina Midby (Head of Fashion and Sustainability Communication, H&M), Julie Gilhart (Fashion Industry Consultant), Scott Mackinlay Hahn (Loomstate), Bruno Pieters (Founder of Honest By), Jasmin Malik Chua (Managing Editor, Ecouterre) with Simon Collin (Dean of Fashion, The New School for Design) as Moderation, “GREEN, the Trending Color in Fashion” is the topic of discussion focusing on efforts within the fashion industry to become more sustainable.

The panel will cover diverse subjects ranging from sustainable design and new fabric technology to garment recycling and using natural resources responsibly.

Through the discussion, panelists will look to answer questions such as: Can fashion be both affordable and sustainable? Can the garment loop be closed and when? How can we support innovation in sustainable materials? Will fashion in the future be produced in a closed loop? How important is transparency in making fashion more sustainable?

The panel will be livestreamed on and H&M’s Facebook page.

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