Thank you Daniel Lee. When the news of the designer’s farewell to Bottega Veneta came as a surprise on November 10th, a lot of people hardly believed that Lee would leave the company after having achieved such great success in terms of sales and public. However, this is exactly what happened, with Wardrobe 03, the final collection for the brand, a chapter (albeit a relatively short one) in the history of contemporary fashion is definitely closed. In this resort 2022 collection, shot by Tyrone Lebon, there are all the codes of the collaboration between Lee and Bottega: the green; the different textures; the cocooning silhouettes contrasted with knitwear dresses and minidresses with minimal lines; embellished with stones and shells; the square sandals and chunky shoes; the oversized bags.

There is a sort of hedonistic optimism in the many looks of Wardrobe 03. You can see it in the colors that range from classic B&W to yellow, green, orange, red, pink and light blue; but also in the fabrics that include denim, corduroy, tweed, shearling, chenille, mirrored chain mail and glossy leather. Luxury is in the details. In the intricate workmanship that turns cyprus and crystals into minidresses and it-bags, in the acid green stitching that stands out on jeans, in the caledoscopic patterns that give a funny twist to shearling coats, in the fluorescent colors that freshen up corduroy.

The next collection will be designed by Matthieu Blazy, the new creative director of Bottega Veneta, and we will discover how the brand’s aesthetic will change.

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