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Paris Runway Shows

Louis Vuitton Fall 2011

PARIS, Mar 9, 2011 / FW/ — Arriving at the Louis Vuitton venue, it is very hard not to get impressed! An all black tent surrounded by gigantic black balloons. Inside you are greeted by French maids and uniformed door men. What really catch your eyes are the four elevators …

Pascal Millet Fall 2011

PARIS, Mar 9, 2011/ FW/ — Seeing Pascal Millet on the Paris calendar was a pleasant surprise. Having known him during his time as Creative Director of Carven, we lost touch for a few years after he left the house. A graduate of the Ecoles de la Chambre Syndicale de …

Delvaux Fall 2011

  PARIS, Mar 9, 2011/ — Breakfast at Delvaux; Sunday morning, Théâtre du Châtelet, Veronique Branquinho received the international press in occasion of the launch of the Autumn-Winter collection Photos courtesy of Delvaux
Paris Runway Shows

Vanessa Bruno Fall 2011: Wispy Layers

PARIS, March 9, 2011/FW/– Little house on the prairie on chic-steroids might describe the Vanessa Bruno collection held on Monday night in the Palais de Tokyo. Opening with white on white layering, slouchy leather boots over scrunched sweater socks, and a floppy hat released some foreshadowing into a collection that …
Paris Runway Shows

Arzu Kaprol Fall 2011: Archeology of the Future

PARIS, Mar 9, 2011/ — With the works of French artist Arman as a starting point and inspiration source, Turkish designer Arzu Kaprol deconstructed and reconstructed familiar silhouettes to create something new yet recognizable. In her interpretation of the future by deconstructing the past, Arzu Kaprol highlighted the shoulder like …
Paris Runway Shows

Talbot Runhof Fall 2011

  PARIS, March 9, 2011/FW/– A tale of the unrequited love for a film star teetering between obsession and youthful innocence acted as the inspiration for the Talbot Runhof fall collection, examining the juxtaposition between masculine and feminine, dark and white, draped and tailored. Except for splashes of rosewood and …
Paris Runway Shows

Zac Posen Fall 2011

PARIS, Mar 8, 2011/ — On March 3rd, 2011 at 11 am, designer Zac Posen returned to Paris, presenting his Fall/ Winter 2011 eponymous collection in the newly christened basement of the Palais de Tokyo. The collection itself looked toward the lines and contours of nature – reinterpreting distinctive shapes …
Paris Runway Shows

Ingrid Vlasov Fall 2011

  PARIS, March 8, 2011/FW/– Long hemlines dominated the Ingrid Vlasov show on Tuesday at the Westin Paris. Light hues initiated the presentation with sci-fi like sculptured shoulders and backs that appeared as though sprouting miniature angel wings. Black lace appliqués anointed white off white fabrics, resulting in slightly gothic …
Paris Runway Shows

Junko Shimada Fall 2011

PARIS, Mar 8, 2011/ FW/ — The venue filled to capacity, the loyal Junko Shimada fans expectant, the Japanese designer did not disappoint as she sent out a sharply tailored collection that is wearable and highly covetable. Cryptically entitled “From 5 to 7” Junko Shimada dressed the ladies from 5:00 …
Paris Runway Shows

Collette Dinnigan Fall 2011

PARIS, Mar 8, 2011 / FW/ — Entitled “Portrait of a Woman,” the Collette Dinnigan Fall 2011 / Winter 2012 collection is a testament to the Australian designer’s strength – vibrantly feminine silhouettes that swings from sexy to innocent. Bold colors and structured shapes encapsulate the mystique of a woman …