Michael Marson and Sandrina Fasoli
Michael Marson and Sandrina Fasoli

PARIS, Dec 1, 2008 / FR / — At the helm of the young Belgian brand of Sandrina Fasoli, the designing duo formed by Sandrina Fasoli and Michael Marson have developed a quite particular vision of fashion between femininity and innocence.

Both graduates of the Ecole Nationale des Arts Visuels de la Cambre, they were awarded in 2003 the prestigious Grand Prix at the Festival des Arts de la Mode in Hyères (France). Their poetic vision finds its shape in collections, which are distributed in Japan, Korea, France, and, of course, Belgium.

What is fashion for?
Fashion is a means to express yourself, a way of saying who you are without uttering a word, a way of giving what you chose to show about yourself.

If you were not a fashion designer, what would you be?
– Michaël: I would have chosen photography
– Sandrina: …writing or dancing…

What are you proud of?
Proud of our duo, of the easy expression of our desires, feelings, sensations… Proud of the riches we are bringing to each other, proud of the atmosphere we have created together for the brand.

What are you ashamed of?
Sshhh… Can’t be told…

If you could keep just one garment or accessory, which one would you pick?
We have both fallen in love with dresses… So, one dress, whatever dress.

What do you no longer believe in?

What do you still believe in?
The longevity of beautiful things. The mark, the footprint that beauty leaves behind.

(Photo of Michael Marson and Sandrina Fasoli by Emmanuel Laurent – courtesy of Sandrina Fasoli)

Spring / Summer 2009 Collection