MILAN, Jan 18, 2009 / FW/ — In the new book, VANITAS, INSHALLAH, designer AleXsandro Palombo relates an extravagant and provocative fashion tale via illustrations, bringing the readers into a poetic and colorful universe, surreal and stimulating. As part of the new book series “Chic et Simpliciter” from Hazard Editions, the tome is being dubbed as the “first catwalk-book ever.”

Subtitled “XI years of dreamlike color”, aleXsandro Palombo, revisits eleven years of his creations from colors and memories, places and icons, slogans and insights. A journey into the world of fashion in which real and surreal pursue each other along the lines traced by one of the most original and surprising talents in Italian and international fashion.

Using a succession of illustrations with an unmistakable line that conveys with utter simplicity the thoughts and inner world of the artist, an endless moving archive, 100 unpublished plates till now, enable readers to experience a dream called fashion between imagination and provocation.

VANITAS, INSHALLAH inside illustration
VANITAS, INSHALLAH inside illustration

Accompanying readers on this adventure is Vanitas, the clown whose task is to act as a guide to memories and dreams, until the fateful moment of the fashion show in which the journey culminates. And it is at this point that Vanitas reveals Palombo’s new creations in the world’s first illustrated fashion show.

The reader becomes a privileged guest who can share the rituals of fashion – the show and favored guests, backstage and the catwalk, the creations and provocations, models and fashion writers…

As in a powerful snapshot, Palombo’s rapid, profound line illustrates the vices and virtues of the fashion world, building up with scathing irony to a surprising finale.

The power of the pages illustrated by Palombo needs no commentary and for this reason the volume contains no critical texts but only a series of intimate and private presentations written by those with a close knowledge of his personality, rich and intuitive, retiring and reserved.

VANITAS, INSHALLAH inside illustration
VANITAS, INSHALLAH inside illustration

This volume reveals the dreams of Palombo as illustrator and narrator of anecdotes, revealing an artistic temperament, unknown even to those who follow carefully his many-sided activities, which he has always maintained complete reserve.

He does so in the simple language of dreams, of fantasies that are joyous and sad, rich and allusive, original and profound, while always preserving that elusive and unrepeatable element which is a trait of his style.

The series “Chic et Simpliciter”, devoted to great fashion illustrators, over the years has brought out volumes devoted to Maddalena Sisto, Ruben Toledo, Antonio Lopez and François Berthoud.

The book is available beginning February 2009. For more information, please log on:

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