DALLAS, May 26, 2009 / FW/ — A native of Toledo Spain, Ana Gonzalez (born 26 August 1970) studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Madrid where she trained to be an artist and then continued on to EFTI to study photography.

Ana Gonzalez
Ana Gonzalez

Establishing Locking Shocking in 1996, and then incorporating a year later with Oscar Benito as partner a year later, Ana Gonzalez acted as Creative Director wherein she designed accessories and jewelry. Locking Shocking captured Spain’s national attention and Ana Gonzalez went on to collaborate with Amaya Arzuaga, Michiko Koshino and Dexter Wong and thus also earning international accolade.

In 2001, still under the Locking Shocking brand name, Ana Gonzalez launched a ready-to-wear collection and she made her debut at the fifth edition of “Circuit Barcelona.”

Later on that year, in September 2002 summoned by Pasarela Cibeles in Madrid, Locking Shocking won their first award “L´Oreal Paris” best Spring/Summer 2003 collection by a young designer.

Locking Shocking received in 2004 the Fashion “Grand Prix” by Marie-Clarie magazine, award for best national designer of the year.

Even with her very hectic schedule in fashion, Ana continued to maintain strong ties with other different artistic disciplines, something that seems normal taking into account her studies in Fine Arts at the Fine Arts Faculty of Madrid.

She participated with several cultural institutions and artistic organizations throughout exhibitions, installations, video art and photography. This multi-discipline attitude allowed Ana to evolve into what she considers to be “The Matrix” of any sensitivity related to creation.

This interrelation within different art disciplines has always defined Ana’s work as the creative director of Locking Shocking and also what has recently developed into her newly created firm, this time on her own as Ana Locking.

In 2007, Locking Shocking was dissolved; the partnership with Oscar Benito gone, Ana Gonzalez went on to become Ana Locking.

Under this new stage as Ana Locking and with her debut collection “REENTRY” Winter 08-09, Ana received in February 2008 the L´Oreal Paris award for best collection at Pasarela Cibeles of Madrid.