Lauren Conrad on the runway, Fall 2008
Lauren Conrad on the runway, Fall 2008

LOS ANGELES, Apr 23, 2009 / FW/ — ‘The Hills’ Star to Design Clothing for Kohl’s, the New York Times announced on its business section yesterday, referring to Lauren Conrad’s expected collaboration with discount department store chain Kohl’s.

According to the article, “Kohl’s is expected to announce Wednesday that in October, Ms. Conrad, 23, will introduce a casual California-inspired clothing line for young women in 300 Kohl’s stores and on Later, Kohl’s plans to sell the exclusive brand, LC Lauren Conrad, in all of its more than 1,000 stores.”

Lauren Conrad fans will probably crucify me when I say this, but pleassssssse, when will L.C.’s travesty on fashion end?

Her first fashion line, Lauren Conrad Collection is already a mockery to real designers. Other than visiting for ‘one hour’ while a design team that MTV and Tangerine promotions hired to create the collection, there is no connection between Lauren Conrad and fashion design at all.

Yes, L.C. did go to FIDM, but does she really have a talent for fashion design? In fact, other than being a reality star, which is NOT acting at all, does the MTV alum really has what it takes to have an acting career? Maybe, that’s the reason why she is vacillating.

And yes, L.C. fans can throw stones at me if they want, but does Lauren Conrad have any talent at all other than being pretty and cool looking? Compared to Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens and Hillary Duff, Lauren Conrad is as talented as a Greneker mannequin in a store window – a beautiful creature who has no talent except to look pretty.

Oh, the New York Times article mentioned also that “and some fashion writers complained” about her Lauren Conrad Collection because casual dresses sold for more than $100. I don’t know about the fans, but as for fashion writers, I was one of those who complained saying that Lauren Conrad claiming that she designed the collection is an insult to hardworking fashion designers and that the collection itself is just a copy of what had been seen before at Target, nothing innovative or special about it.

I better stop while I’m behind. I hope Lauren Conrad find something that she is really passionate about because quite frankly, being cute only goes a long way. If she is still unsure, Lauren Conrad should ask Paris Hilton.


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