BARCELONA, Apr 2, 2010 / — A young designer from Navarre, Jesus Lorenzo has a degree in Economics from Navarre University, specialising in management in the luxury fashion and fur sector.He graduated in Fur Design from the Saga Design Center (Copenhagen) and in the Fur Industry from the FSS International Grading Course (Helsinki).

From the Jesus Lorenzo Fall 2010 collection

From the Jesus Lorenzo Fall 2010 collectionJesus Lorenzo presented his first collection at Pasarela Piel España (Barcelona) and, since then, he has shown his collections at different fashion shows such as HK Fur Fashion (Hong Kong), Fur Fashion Week (New York), Nafa Fur Fashion (Toronto), Dubai Nafa Fur Fashion (Dubai), Mifur Milán), Nafa Fur Fashion (Milan) and International Fashion Week (Madrid), among others.

This young designer continues the saga of a family that has been traditionally linked to the textile and haute couture fur worlds. He developed his professional career in Groenlandia, a company engaged in fur haute couture, founded thirty-five years ago by his parents Mª Pilar and José Jesús, entrepreneurs and designers from whom he acquired the know-how of the business and who passed on to him their vision of ongoing innovation.

For Fall 2010, Jesus Lorenzo is showing his collection at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week for the second year running, following the success of his first collection at this Madrid fashion show. The Costume Museum has also acquired one of his garments, which was painted in oil by his father, José Jesús Lorenzo, a member of the “Pro Arte y Cultura” Fine Art Group.

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