Milano Moda Donna Fall 2011

Dates: Feb 23 – Mar 1, 2011

MILAN, Feb 22, 2011 / FW/ — In more ways than one, this feels like our return season to Milan. Though we have never actually left and there is always a correspondent covering for us, Fall 2011 marked the return of our team in the Italian fashion and design capital.

For three years, we only saw glimpses; a bird’s eye view… Now, we are once again taking the city in – it’s sight and sound, including the smell of expensive Italian leather.

Milan is a very old city; founded by the Celtic and captured by Romans in 222 BC, becoming the capital of the Western Roman Empire from 286 BC to 402 AD. Today, after 2000 years, Milan is still considered a capital, though it is not a political designation but a recognition of its importance in fashion and design.

Fall 2011 is very different from the Fall 222 BC. It’s a sliver of time in the grand scheme of things, yet very important in terms of fashion. What is Milan’s secret that even after two millennia, it continues to be one of the most important cities in the civilized world?

Let’s go and find out!

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