Dates: January 22 – 25, 2009 DALLAS, Nov 30, 2008 / FW/ — When July 2010 rolls around, the iconic summer whites and winter blues uniforms of the U.S. Navy enlisted men will retire and the new khaki service uniforms will be worn year round by the sailors.

New U.S. Navy Service Uniform
New U.S. Navy Service Uniform

On January 20, 2009, Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States and the first African American to inhabit the Oval Office. 2009 is a year of change; will men’s fashion follow that trend?

Historically, men’s fashion (even women’s fashion in recent years) has been inspired by military uniforms. Medieval knights to World War II aviator jackets, even today’s new camouflage have been the muses of designers. Perhaps, it is just a coincidence that the U.S. Navy is changing its enlisted rank’s service uniform. Yet, it is hard not to notice the timing – July 2010, the beginning of the 21st century’s second decade.

New U.S. Navy Service Uniform (click to see bigger photo)
New U.S. Navy Service Uniform (click to see bigger photo)

To many, it would seem that there really has been no change at all on menswear silhouettes. But, we have to remember that menswear is always subtle, that innovations are usually not obvious to the naked eye. New fabrics, a slight change in the angle of a pocket, a little bit slimmer or a little bit wider cut – these had been seen on the runway, which shows that things are changing.

No radical changes had been proposed. Designers dallied into new shapes but have not truly immersed themselves into it. The global financial crisis might have a lot to do with it. Yet, as an old saying goes, ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’

Things have changed and it is still changing. So, will this season be the one which will change the way we look at menswear?


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