Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Celebrates 25 Years

MADRID, Oct 18, 2009 / — Celebrating its 50th edition during the Spring 2010 season held last Sep 18 -22, 2009, Cibeles Madrid Fashion Weeks marks a milestone on its 25th anniversary.

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Throughout its 25-year track record, CIBELES MADRID FASHION WEEK, an IFEMA-organized event, has worked tirelessly to launch and support the most renowned designers of each period, contributing to afford importance and unity to the concept of Spanish fashion, as it is currently known.

This task has been made possible thanks to the steadfast support given to Pasarela by the institutions of Madrid and especially to the driving-force of the Autonomous Government of Madrid. Its intense progress has been punctuated by outstanding milestones which are set forth below:

CIBELES was created in February 1985 as a platform to promote the creations of Spanish designers, taking advantage of their appeal in each of the editions of INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK. At the same time, it contributed to rounding off the offer existing at the fair where the fashion industry met.

The philosophy behind the first edition of the fashion shows in February 1985 was clear: to turn the Pasarela into a platform which would be open to all Spanish creators boasting quality designs and a commercial response guarantee, but always focusing on women’s fashion.

Then, the Autonomous Government of Madrid, in accordance with the criteria of the Ministry of Industry and Energy, decided to create a Fashion Committee, which it tasked with organizing and coordinating the presentations of women’s fashion.

That year, between 28 February and 2 March, six designers from Madrid exhibited their models in a marquee in Plaza de Colón. It became a compulsory point of reference for the large number of trade professionals present in Madrid during INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK.

In September 1985, Pasarela was moved to the Railway Museum. The number of creators grew and it was opened up to designers from other points in Spain.

In its third edition in February 1986, the first Cibeles Fashion Show joined Pasarela in order to enhance quality commercial dissemination. All the creators in Pasarela took part in the fashion show. It was held at the Railway Museum.

In its fourth edition in September 1986, it was relocated in Casa de Campo, thus moving closer to the INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK fair, in accordance with the interest shown in this regard by the Fashion Committee.

Cibeles became detached from INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK, in respect of it being held in the same setting, in September 1989, and now took place at the Congress and Exhibition Centre in Madrid.

In September 1995, both fairs were held at the same place, at the Juan Carlos I Exhibition Centre in Madrid. In January 1996, following an agreement signed by the Autonomous Government of Madrid and Ifema, PASARELA CIBELES was to be organised by Ifema and once again joined INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK.

In September 2006, PASARELA CIBELES changed its setting temporarily to be staged in the Buen Retiro Park.

In February 2008, for the first time, the fashion show included a foreign designer and was once again held at Feria de Madrid.

In September 2008, CIBELES held its 48th edition. This was a very important event as it meant the beginning of a new stage for the great Spanish fashion platform, organized by IFEMA, in which, in addition to a new organizational and staging project, this edition introduced the CIBELES MADRID FASHION WEEK trademark.

The aim of this project over forthcoming years is to reinforce the presence of Spanish design on an increasingly-competitive international scene. To this end, it presented a more modern and up-to-date runway format, as well as the integration in dates and space of the proposals of both venerated and young designers –brought together in the EGO platform–. Other new features were the design of two fashion show rooms –Cibeles and Neptune–; an enlarged occupied floor space from 5,400 to 14,000 square metres and the creation of an area called CIBELESPACIO, with permanent animation, where different activities take place –music, live concerts, the sale of young designersí clothing, etc.–.

In the September 2008 edition, 52 designers showed their creations in 40 fashion shows. Altogether, it was attended by 40,000 persons and by over 1,000 accredited journalists from across the globe.

In February 2009, the CIBELES MADRID FASHION WEEK included participation by 55 designers who displayed their collections in 45 fashion shows. The total number of attendees reached 50,000 people, including buyers, media and guests. In particular, this edition was covered by 1,300 journalists, of whom about one hundred were from foreign publications. Of them, about 30 participated in the international press programme that CIBELES organizes for each edition, with the support of the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX).

To date, and under IFEMAís organisation, more than 200 designers have shown their collections at CIBELES since it was created in 1985.

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