Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Dates: Thursday, Sep 10 to Thursday, Sep 17, 2009

Tent at Bryant Park Spring 2010 season
Tent at Bryant Park Spring 2010 season

DALLAS, Jul 21, 2009 (Updated Oct 31, 2009) / FW/ — When September 10 rolls around and the Spring 2010 season starts, New York Fashion Week, officially called Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week begins the countdown for its final year at Bryant Park.

Beginning September 2010, New York Fashion Week moves to Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center from Bryant Park. The agreement between IMG Fashion, producers of New York Fashion Week and Lincoln Center is for five years and is expected to accelerate growth of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

With more than 70 designers on the calendar of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, others see it that way already. Yet, the numbers of designers showing is just one aspect of ‘growth’; services provided are another aspect.

As I have already mentioned in New York Fashion Week Moves to Lincoln Center, fashion week has outgrown the tents at Bryant Park, as iconic as it is. Journalists, photographers and retail buyers need a ‘lounge’ wherein they can actually ‘work’ and not just hang out. Unfortunately, the VIP lounge is too small and it is a scene to be seen and not a place to file reporters or write articles.

That said; it is also sad that this is NYFW’s final year at Bryant Park. Like our senior year in high school, when we knew that we will graduate at the end of the term, we also knew that we will still be making memories while we are still there.

So, Bryant Park, here we come! It’s still HELLO! Goodbye is still a long way off.

Tent at Bryant Park Spring 2010 season
Tent at Bryant Park Spring 2010 season

Photos by Mari Davis


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